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Brief Introduction

Shenzhen Wave-particle Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "WAPA"), which is one of the most important R&D suppliers of security surveillance equipments is committed to innovation through science and technology to improve and enhance the safety of people's lives, and take "Building our enterprise into the one worthy of the national pride and the respect from the world " as the enterprise's core values.

Founded in April,2004, as a research-based science and technology enterprise, WAPA is growing rapidly in security industry and remaining its leading position in terms of several technical fields. WAPA became China's largest R&D software compression DVR card manufacturer just after two years of establishment, and then was awarded as "Top 100 Chinese Security Enterprises",  "Recommended Brands of Safe City Constructions ","Shenzhen High-tech Enterprises” and so on.

In September 2009, WAPA successfully launched a series of megapixel HD products including megapixel HD box camera, megapixel dome camera, megapixel IR camera, PDVR (pure digital video recorder) as well as megapixel HD Linux  card,POE switcher etc. At the same time, WAPA's full-range DVR card series had been totally upgraded into hybrid DVR card.

Nowadays, we achieved remarkable progress in R&D team-building, production management and capital accumulation. Under the precondition of ensuring the continuous upgrading of software compression DVR cards, we now mainly focus on the development of Megapixel HD digital surveillance products and have launched a series of new products including PDVR (pure digital video recorder), hybrid DVR cards, hybrid DVR which are the back-end storage products and megapixel HD digital cameras which are the front-end products and POE switcher. It demonstrates outstanding advantages in terms of color, low illumination, flexible exposure mode, wide dynamic range, infrared properties, stability, low power consumption, network performance, bit rate, friendly operation and low cost etc.

WAPA, as a leading manufacturer in domestic software-compression DVR industry, has already entered into Megapixel HD digital surveillance field. We will make great contribution to video surveillance development on the basis of continuous science and technology innovation.